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There is no typical coaching assignment, but there are some typical stages. You will meet with a coach who will begin preliminary assessment work, usually in person and usually for 1/2 day. At the end of that meeting, you will discuss whether or not you and your coach are a good match based on a set of particular criteria.

If you agree to embark on your journey together, you will commit to a one month coaching contract. Our coaching is usually done weekly over the phone and each session lasts about 1/2 hour. You and your coach will establish a schedule that satisfies both of your calendars. You will contract monthly for your sessions and will end the coaching assignment when your goals are satisfied. Coaching assignments can last one month to one year.

During a typical coaching contract, you can expect to:

  • Assess your personal outlook on life
  • Explore work/life balance
  • Determine your unique strengths and skills
  • Clarify the core beliefs that guide your life
  • Select options leading to your success and dreams
  • Uncover what's blocking your path to success
  • Set a course of action for your life
  • Articulate your joys, fears, ambitions and upsets

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Working with Gene has given me clarity and confidence about my strength as a leader.
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Types of people we have coached:

CEO, Healthcare Organization
Entrepreneur, Gardening Business
Director, Not-for-Profit Arts Funding Organization
CFO, Telecommunications
Senior Elected Official, State Government
Senior PR Officer, Fortune 500 Company

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