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How The Workshop Is Delivered
The speaking workshop is designed to accommodate six participants, and it requires 2 facilitators. As a result, the workshop is an intense, two-day experience. Each time a participant speaks, it is video taped and viewed privately with a coach. Every word, mannerism, and behavior is evaluated for effectiveness. The result is a strong yet appropriate communication style.

We often use this workshop as a team development tool since we introduce and practice the feedback process. At the conclusion of the workshop, teams ALWAYS say how much better they understand each other and how much closer they feel as a team.

To Get Started
Select six participants. You might select them because
  • They are a team
  • They have individual developmental needs
  • They are taking on new responsibilities and challenges
  • They must work together but donít know each other well
  • They are stepping into roles where they must motivate and inspire others
  • They are all team leaders
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Types of communications we have coached

Company strategic direction
Project update
Financial report
New product launch
HR policy change
Plant closing
Investor report
Ad campaign announcement
Department status report
Team brainstorming session
New computer system unveiling
Motivational talks
Sales pitch
Client meeting

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