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  • Do you find that what you say or write often gets misinterpreted?
  • When you deliver a message requiring immediate action, are you amazed when nothing gets done?
  • Do you find it difficult to hold people's attention?

You may be the most brilliant person on your team, but if you can't express your ideas in a way that allows people to access your message in their own terms, your brilliance is wasted. Communications is everything. Good communications builds good relationships, good teams, good clients and, ultimately, good business.

Moncrief & Associates offers this workshop to provide you with a rare glimpse into your personal abilities in the work place. It is an intense workshop based on feedback from peers, instructors and private videotape review. From this, you will evaluate the effectiveness of your personal style and influencing techniques both within and beyond the team.

The workshop format creates an environment that allows you to build on each success. You are encouraged to step beyond the ordinary and take risks with your individual styles. The culmination of each individual's work is a smooth presentation style incorporating:

  • delivery techniques to fit the situation
  • appropriate visual aids
  • questioning skills to involve the audience
  • careful listening
  • awareness of listener needs whether subordinate, peer, boss or client.

We often work with executives in private coaching sessions.

Before this workshop begins, an evaluation is made of each participant's writing. Writing evaluation helps us design a course to fit participant needs, and it lets each participant know exactly what to work on in the class. Participants work independently and in groups on assignments learning to master writing skills.

Good writing will increase business effectiveness, and to that end, we support communicating openly, clearly and often. Good writing requires control of the method, and we will teach the method to make it routine. The foundation of any great writing technique is the basics of English grammar, and we strengthen that third grade learning in a creative way. Learning is substantiated by a series of customized work-related exercises in each session.

Course graduates are entitled to the editing services we provide, via mail, fax or computer for one full year.


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Types of communications we have coached

Company strategic direction
Project update
Financial report
New product launch
HR policy change
Plant closing
Investor report
Ad campaign announcement
Department status report
Team brainstorming session
New computer system unveiling
Motivational talks
Sales pitch
Client meeting

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