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Collect Emotional Data
It's well known that our emotions effect our decisions and rational skills. Often what appears as irrational business behavior is an out pouring of pent up emotions. Knowing what is being felt at any moment, and being able to express these feelings with verbal precision can greatly improve crucial communication and decision-making skills. We use EQuilibrium™ to collect and examine the emotional data that often undermines business productivity.

Using EQ
EQuilibruim™, a unique communication instrument, advances the emotional literacy of its users. Created by Steven Dolan, an expert in creative management training, EQuilibrium™ is a cohesive set of exercises that explores the seven primary emotions. The exercises teach the ability to uncover submerged emotions before they take control and lead to expanded emotional self-awareness.

EQuilibrium™ is flexible. It works well for an individual, two people, or larger groups. It simply requires a willingness to recognize and explore business/office related emotions and how they influence the environment of decision making.


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