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Most of us know our meetings are lousy, but we don't have the courage to change things.
Meeting MakerMeeting Maker
  • Do participants leave your meetings feeling committed and clear about next steps?
  • Do your meetings make full use of the imagination, humor and optimism of everybody present?
  • Can you truly say that your meetings are as productive, engaging and motivating as they can be?

What we know about meetings

  • Executives spend 40% to 50% of working hours in meetings, and 50% of that time is unproductive! This represents twice as much meeting time as 20 years ago.1
  • The typical meeting is a staff meeting held in the company conference room starting at 11 AM. It will last 1 1/2 hours and will be attended by 9 people who will be given 2 hours prior warning. 11% of meeting time will be spent discussing irrelevant things.2
  • There are 25 million meetings in American business every day! And the trend is growing.3 There is a notable shift toward an increase in the number and length of meetings, with an increasingly high level of dissatisfaction with meeting results. And the more senior you are, the more meetings you'll attend.

Meeting Maker can help!
It's likely that right now your meetings waste people's time and burn up company talent and resource. If you want your meetings to be productive, energizing, and creative, you may want to accept the challenge to look at what's working in your group interactions and what needs fixing. As the first step we will evaluate your meeting on some of these points: Meeting Maker

  • Did the meeting advance the group towards a goal?
  • Did all the attendees need to be there?
  • Did the agenda help keep the group on track?
  • Were difficult people managed and engaged?
  • Was participation encouraged?
  • What processes were employed and to which tasks?
  • What happened after the meeting?

We offer our observations and recommendations in written and DVD format. You’ll immediately see what needs to be done to stop wasting time in meetings and engage every team member. After the evaluation, you decide how to proceed.

1 UCLA School of Communication & Univ. Of Minnesotta Training and Development Research Center
2 "Meeting Analysis: Findings from Research and Practice" by Nicholas Romano and Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.
3 Romano and Nunamaker as cited in the New York Times, April, 2005


Meeting Maker
Meeting Maker
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Meeting Coaching

  • We can work with the group leader to help design and run spot-on meetings.
  • We can deliver a selection of workshops to the group to demonstrate meeting principles and facilitation skills.
  • Our wizards can be there to support and guide your group as they practice their new skills

Meeting Facilitation

  • Our meeting wizards can work with you to facilitate your difficult meetings.

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