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Most of us know our meetings are lousy, but we don't have the courage to change things.
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Getting Started
To move to recommendations and solutions, we begin our work with the Meetings Evaluation Package.

The Meetings Evaluation Package


We distribute and collect a group questionnaire to gather group opinions and views of group meetings.

Meeting Maker Measurement
We introduce and put into place a quantifiable measurement system that captures each group memberís view of each meeting that occurs before, during and after the work with Meeting Maker.

Collect past meeting agendas
We collect past agendas to assess the structure of meetings.

On-site visit

We observe a group meeting on-site and video tape it for later review.

While we are on-site, we have a one-on-one with the group leader to explore reactions and views of the meeting.

Written evaluation with recommendations

We deliver a complete meeting evaluation covering all the aspects of meetings and offer recommendations for improvement.

Meeting Maker Options
Several opportunities exist for the group and the group leader once a meeting evaluation has been performed.

Meeting Maker: Go It Alone
The group leader decides to take-on improvements without the help of Meeting Maker. We guide and advise the leader as appropriate and continue Meeting Maker measurement for one month.Meeting Maker

Meeting Maker: Leader Coaching
The group leader wants the help of Meeting Maker for personal improvement in meeting leadership. We contract one month at a time for private coaching sessions with the leader.

Meeting Maker: Group Coaching
The group and the group leader want to develop further skills in meetings. We offer Meeting Wizardry I and/or Meeting Wizardry II to advance facilitation and process skills.

Meeting Maker: Group Training
The group and the group leader want the help of Meeting Maker for group improvement. We contract one month at a time to provide group on-site coaching.

Meeting Maker: Meeting Facilitation
The group and leader want help running a particularly difficult meeting. A Meeting Maker facilitator works with the group to plan, facilitate and follow-up on the meeting.

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Meeting Maker
Meeting Maker
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Meeting Coaching

  • We can work with the group leader to help design and run spot-on meetings.
  • We can deliver a selection of workshops to the group to demonstrate meeting principles and facilitation skills.
  • Our wizards can be there to support and guide your group as they practice their new skills

Meeting Facilitation

  • Our meeting wizards can work with you to facilitate your difficult meetings.

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