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How We Deliver
We work with full leadership teams to build on common knowledge and trust. We combine traditional facilitator training with interactive conversation and coaching to sustain learning. Participants are paired at the start with the goal to encourage and support individual development. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and set their own priorities.

Our facilitators expertly establish a safe, creative environment conducive to making mistakes and learning together. When a team works together in that way, barriers are broken, trusting relationships are built, and healthy organizational climates grow.

A full Leadership Suite program is best delivered to the team over time. Typical models include six full-day sessions or twelve half-day sessions. The content is tailored to the team or organization needs.

To Get Started
Identify the team members who will be participating.
Identify what are they doing well as individuals and as a team?
Identify the areas of developmental need for the team and the individuals.
Contact Moncrief & Associates for a full evaluative discussion.

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The Leadership Suite fosters leaders who

  • Understand their individual leadership styles and the individual styles of the people they manage and work with.
  • Know how to get others to support their initiatives, while fostering camaraderie, trust and teamwork.
  • Create a working environment that encourages risk taking, participation and creativity.
  • Keep energy focused on results while avoiding blame, crisis management and negativity.
  • Understand the secrets of leading change to become a change "initiator" rather than a "reactor."
  • Can anticipate and avoid personal career land mines.

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